Paleo-acoustic artist Aaron Plunkett has created 'Spirit of Pahat', a life-like sculpture of a prehistoric whale (1/15 scale, H12" x L18" x W6") based on his interpretation and rendition of his discovery, Ojaicetus plunkettdentus, 1/19/2000, of articulated pre-historic bones found in Ojai, CA, land of the Chumash.  Mr. Plunkett's discovery is extremely significant both historically and scientifically in that these are California's first and oldest Family, "Ojaicetidae", of fossilized, 25 million-year-old, toothed baleen whales. Aaron honors the indigenous people of Ojai and their great reverence and respect for the whale which pervaded their entire culture and provided much. 'Pahat' is the Chumash word for whale.

'Spirit of Pahat' 2010 Series (© 2010) is constructed from cold-caste bronze — a polycarbonate composite exothermic reaction casting material shaped into a French displacement mold. Aaron has created a signature set of special edition and limited edition sculptures with applied finishes in a variety of colors and mountings.

A portion of the proceeds received from 'Spirit of Pahat' will be donated to the Ojai Valley Whale Society. The Ojai Valley Whale Society is a 501(c)(3) US non-profit organization dedicated to honoring the ancient ancestry of the Earth and indigenous life forms of Ojai and its Native cultures. OVWS's primary purpose is the exhumation of these 25 million-year-old whale fossils and installing such fossils in a public structure for preservation and education.

Whales are available in three distinguished Limited Edition finishes: 24 Kt. Gold-leaf, Silver-leaf and Copper-leaf. Also available is a Special Limited Edition 24Kt. Rainbow Gold/Silver/Copper-leaf. Other Limited Editions include twelve sculptural finishes, five uniform tones, and seven two-tone. Each is available with four different mounting choices, stand alone, wave stand, front fixed and rear fixed mount.