See More Fossil ReplicasArtisan Aaron Plunkett uses the highest grade material developed especially for the technical demands of the professional artist and specifically requested by museums archiving classical paintings. Aaron says nothing compares to the purity and depth of Lascaux artist acrylic colors named after Lascaux Caves in Dordogne, France -- where the oldest, 25,000 year old paintings known to man were discovered. Mr. Plunkett, using molding and casting techniques mentored to him by a master, creates fossilized bone replicas that have the feel and weight of real fossils. His artistry and materials chosen create detailed, high quality osteological reproductions of fosslized skeletal elements, with perfect balance, weight, shape and texture.



Hear what others have to say about our fossil bone replica collection…

Head Director of Vertebrate Studies at the Natural History Museum Los Angeles, John Harris said, “Impressive. It feels and looks like the real thing, even has the same weight.”

Head Master Paleontological Preparator for NHMLA Marine Mammal Lab, Howell Thomas said after closely examining the Caudal Vertebrate fossil replica, “Are you sure this is a replica?”

Each whale fossil bone replica comes with provenance documentation from the Oja Valley Whale Society Archival Department supervised by the former archivist for T-rex – Sue, at the Field Museum of Natural History Chicago. Provenance documentation includes a stamped authenticty certificate on archival paper and historical background of California’s first fossilized, 25 million-year-old, toothed baleen whales discovered in Ojai, California on January 19, 2000, Ojaicetidae. The toothed baleen whale specimen is identified as “Ojaicetidae,” Ojaicetus plunkettdentus by the Ojai Valley Whale Society (OVWS).

It is recommend that fossil bone replicas be handled with care.

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